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Boost your brand with Bartr

As Bartr grows and we collect our users’ feedback, we learn the most impactful ways to boost your brand on Instagram. Basically, just maximize the “Posting Instructions” space.

The “Tagline”

One of the most glaring aspects that we did not think of originally, is to include your Instagram handle in the Tagline(Optional) section.

This means your influencer is required to display your Instagram handle in the text that accompanies the pictures posted by the influencer.

One of our first brands, an Instagram savvy user, did include their Instagram handle. They received close to a hundred new followers on their own Instagram account in the days following their influencer’s post. They attribute this sudden spike in new followers directly to the post by the influencer.

Following this invaluable piece of info, we will include the option to define a default value to the “Tagline(Optional)” field, so you only have to enter it once, instead of adding it manually on each item.

We will also add default values on the “Hashtags” and “Special Request” fields.

The “Hashtags”

Hashtags are essential tools to increase posts visibility on Instagram. When a hashtag is added to the text accompanying a post, the post will be displayed on the page linked to that hashtag. For example, if you asked your influencer to include the hashtag #fashion, the influencer’s post will also show up on the page dedicated to the hashtag #fashion.

That means the influencer’s post exposure is potentially greater than only her followers. 

Bartr enables you to include up to 5 hashtags you would like your influencer to include in your promoted item post description


The “Special Request”

This is more a question of image than of increasing impact.
This is the space where, as a brand, you can give instructions to your influencer. You might want to specify that the post has to be shot indoor or outdoor, in daylight or at night with a flash or any number of other options.
We advise keeping these instructions to a minimum, as the whole purpose of influencer marketing is to let the influencer’s creativity to work in your brand favor.

So, next time you upload items, make sure you take full advantage of Bartr options.

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