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Facebook is always up to something.  Trying to build out the next app update or the next feature to create to keep users active day after day.

The newest release is a new tool for the Creator community.

Facebook has said the Creator app is a “one-stop shop for creators of all kinds.”  Creators are always looking for more ways to engage with their followers.  This tool will allow users to create new videos and access special features while recording or going live.

The Facebook Creator App was launched in November for iOS and will be released soon for Android. It is going to help the creative community tremendously.  You can actually use this tool for your individual profile plus a page that you created or manage. So this will help more than just the individual creators themselves.  Brands are creators also.

The range of features, according to FB Newsroom, include:

  • The Live Creative Kit
  • The Community Tab
  • The Camera
  • Insights

You can see the full news release in Facebook Newsroom press release.



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