The Bartr Brand App Version 4.0 is officially ready with some exciting new features.

The biggest takeaways from the new update include:

  1. Influencer report is now part of “My Profile” page!
  2. Support for stories!!
  3. Ability to view items by brands!!

Update your bartr app so you can take advantage of all these upgrades! This version is available in IOS and  Android.

So let’s get into all the new features-   

1.The Influencer Report

As an Influencer, the dream is to find social success just by being yourself. Show your followers who you are while promoting what you want to wear or what activities you are involved in daily. Basically, live your life and show your audience who you are, while wearing free stuff… that is the dream.

Receiving free products is awesome, but it can be risky for the brands sending it. Bartr provides a feature that will help limit the risk for these brands and will increase the desire for some brands to work with you- aka send you free stuff.

The Influencer Report contains all of the information a brand needs to understand when it comes to making a decision whether the r audience is relevant to their brand.   The report will include :

  • Number of Followers
  • Likes per post average
  • Comments per post average
  • Credibility of your audience
  • Engagement
  • Audience Data including:
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Location
  • Popular Hashtags
  • Most Popular Followers
  • Content Interests


Click here to read the “Reading The Influencer Audience Analysis Report on Bartr, to learn the specific details about each report feature listed above.

Not only brands can see this, but you, the influencer as well.  Track your credibility and engagement. Find out who your followers are where they are located.  You should keep track of your audience report so you can continue to create stories for the right audience which will allow you to be more successful.  
At this stage, the reports are updated monthly.  

2. Support for stories!!

At first, you could only offer posts in exchange for products on Bartr, but NOT any

more.  Now you can offer posts and/or stories! Whatever combination of posts and stories you want to offer- it is all up to you. For example, you can offer 1 post and 3 stories, or no posts and 4 stories, the choices are endless. 

3. Ability to view items by brands!!

As you scroll through Bartr, you may start to see multiple items from the same brand and notice how much you love a specific brand. The next step is to sort the items on bartr by brand- an important feature for increasing the ease of your (free) shopping experience.  You can now shop by category or shop by brand; it is your choice.

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