influencer marketing strategyThe days of one size fits all are long gone and today, marketing is more a question of skills than of big bucks. That means that, even when adopting influencers marketing, the best performing advertising technique today, knowing how to choose between macro-influencers and micro-influencers is paramount to ensure maximal ROI.
The first step is to understand who is who and what is what.
So let’s begin.
To keep it simple we will divide the options into three distinct sections


  1. Macro-influencers type 1: Celebs
  2. Macro-influencers type 2: Industry thought leaders
  3. Macro-influencers type 3: Social Media Stars
  4. Micro- Influencers

Each of these will be briefly described before being rated according to 4 different criteria:

  1. Ease of access:

    Evaluates the likelihood that a small business will be able to get in touch with the influencer and manage to order a campaign from them. Rated from 1 to 5 stars, where 1 star means almost impossible and 5 stars mean very likely.

  2. Cost:

    This is self-explanatory. How much will this cost you…Rated from 1 $ sign for most affordable to 5 $ for ridiculously expensive.

  3. Branding:

    The added value for branding and name recognition increase purposes. Branding is typically more relevant for either large companies or high-end luxury products. Small businesses can focus their branding effort on niche markets. Rated from 1 to 5 stars where 1 star means of little or no value and 5 stars means invaluable.

  4. Sales:

    The likelihood that a campaign with an influencer of that type will generate an immediate increase in sales of a specific product. Here 1 star means a negligible impact on direct sales and 5 stars indicates the likelihood of a major increase in sale as an immediate result of the campaign.
    Continue to next page for a breakdown of these different types of influencers and how they can you can incorporate them in your marketing strategy.

Macro-influencers type 1: Celeb

macro-influencers celebsTheir very name – Celebs – says it all, or almost…
Celebs are people with a high name recognition across the board, whether because they are famous athletes, movie stars or politicians to keep it simple.
Of these, politicians are not really an option for marketing purposes, since they are typically selling only two products, themselves and their party, or their party’s policies. As such, they can ill afford to stoop to the level of us, mere people, and attach their name to a brand or a fashion or everyday product. So, unless you are an activist and your “product” is promoting an idea or a policy, politicians are not an options inasmuch as marketing goes.
When talking about stars, however, you already know the drill. We have all seen many a star recommending their sponsor’s product either through printed or audio=visual ads, or through wearing the name of the brand on their outfit during sport events etc. When it comes to using them as influencers, the concept is pretty much the same, except they are also selling you their own followers as the broadcasting channel.
Typically their fees are high and that channel is best suited for building brand recognition than for generating direct sales.

Ease of access: 
Cost: $$$$$
Best way of reaching them: through an agent

Macro-influencers type 2: Industry thought leaders

macro-influencers industry leadersOften doubling-up as authors or course providers, those macro-influencers rose up on the social media ladder through gaining the respect, first of their peers, then of a larger crowd, due their mastery in their field. The logic of their followers is “They did it, they will help us do it as well!” These influencers are very valuable to gain traction in your field, but unfortunately they are difficult to get hold of and, when you finally manage to get in touch with them, they might turn you down, or might ask for a hefty fee. That is, unless you are one of the lucky few with a product they fall in love with your idea or product and promote you just from love… You might also win the lottery 
Ease of access:
Cost: $$$$
Best way of reaching them: through their assistant or through personal introduction

Macro-influencers type 3: Social Media Stars

A glance at the Top Richest 10 Media Stars who pile millions of followers on one or more social media platforms, social media stars come in various shapes and forms, though they are typically below thirty and with a distinctive personality. Like celebs, however, they are saturated with requests, so reaching, unless you are already a brand name and have a marketing department with deep pockets, these might prove to be beyond your reach.
Ease of access:
Cost: $$$$$
Best way of reaching them: through an agent


micro-influencersThere are an estimated 15 Million micro-influencers in the USA alone. These are defined as individuals with between 5k and 250k followers, on a single social media platform. Yet, that is a very dry definition. Micro-influencers are keeping their audience engaged with stellar content and their added value lies in the close connections they build with their followers. They are what all marketers are looking for. Someone who can present their product to a willing audience and with a high level of reliability, and at an affordable price
However, this come with a caveat. Micro-influencers need to maintain a healthy balance between genuine content and promoted content in order to keep their credibility with their audience. This caveat, though limiting the micro-influencers freedom in accepting each and every offer he is showered with (yes, micro-influencers are getting an increasingly high volume of requests), is more likely to stick to products he really likes. This, in turn, increases his or her credibility and reinforces the impact of the promotion they do accept.
Ease of access:
Cost: $

Best way of reaching them: through BartrBrand by offering your product directly to thousands of influencers who will select your product when it suits their audience and tone, or by selecting potentially interested influencer and contacting them individually.


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