Marketing has being going through tremendous changes in the last decade and the latest ones, with the meteoric rise of social media marketing, are bringing power back to small and medium businesses.

Once, a longtime ago, the only form of marketing was basically personal recommendation from friends and neighbors. They made it their business to put their nose in every business in town and checked both the goods quality and the business owners’ probity.

That ensured that proper information about the goods and their production process were under perpetual scrutiny and prevented gross abuse or negligence from business owners.

Then, slowly but surely, mass communication began to upset that delicate balance.

In the US, after the ratification of the Bill of Rights and the First amendment in 1791, newspapers began to flourish. As they needed financing, they offered space for advertising thus ushering the era of one sided, unilateral marketing. This tendency slowly grew to reach ubiquitous heights with the advent of radio and television and, at least initially, the Internet. So, within a mere 2 centuries, marketing went from closely monitored businesses depending on personal recommendations from their patron to a total disconnection between producers and consumers.

In a world where business growth depended on increasingly expensive marketing campaigns, small and medium businesses struggled to keep up.

The last decade, however, has seen the emergence of social media. The political importance of social media is now the subject of innumerable studies but, on the marketing side, social media is quietly working to restore the direct link between small and medium businesses and enable their clients to directly recommend their products to their friends, family and followers.

Celebs and influencers with millions of followers are now being paid considerable sums of money to recommend brand name products, and are courted by corporate producers with deep pockets.

But below the radar of those used to a marketing system where one talks to all, hundreds of thousands of  micro-influencers with an audience between 5k to 250k followers are the most efficient voice for small and medium business’ products and now, with Bartr Brand, if you just upload your products, they will contact you.

Sign up now to be the firsts to reap the fruits of influencer social media marketing made easy and affordable for small and medium businesses.

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