Eco Fashion kids clothesA revolutionary way to design clothes for kids that enables your children clothes to grow with them! That saves you a bundle as you need to buy fewer clothes and greatly reducing the amount of clothes doomed to end up in landfills.

These fancy new clothes for kids are inspired by deployable structures for small satellites. The designer, Ryan Yasin, has a background in aeronautical engineering from which he drew his inspiration for these revolutionary outfits for kids. Of course, with an aeronautical engineer as a designer, the clothes are waterproof and windproof, so your kids can go and play outside in a storm and remain dry inside their futuristic long lasting clothes. A word of caution though, these outfits are not designed to protect them from storms, hurricanes and tornadoes dangers other than getting wet…

The intelligent way to shop for children or adult is to buy clothes for kids, or for adults actually, is to buy items that will last for as long as possible. With this revolutionary design and patent pending carbon fiber fabric, the clothes you buy for your kids will survive even the most impressive growth spurt.

This will impact a lot of different factors:

  1. Less money spent on buying clothes for your kids
  2. Less time spent buying clothes for your kids
  3. Teaching your kids how to value what they have
  4. Grounding your children in slow fashion mentality
  5. and, last but not least!  Reduce the quantity of kids clothes that end up in landfills even though they are still perfectly serviceable

So, have a look at the video and article referred to below to get a  better idea as to how it works.

Clothes for kidsIntelligent Clothes for kids

This children’s clothing line designed by Royal College of Art graduate Ryan Mario Yasin has a pleat system that lets garments stretch after growth spurts.

Source: Petit Pli clothing expands to fit kids as they grow

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