Welcome to your guide to Bartr Brand App!

Bartr Brand App access is limited to influencers who reach the minimum number of followers to qualify as a user.

Micro-influencers with over 5000 followers now do not need to sieve through endless irrelevant requests.

Just browse through the products uploaded by businesses who want you to promote their products, choose what you like, place a bid and order the products when the bid is accepted.

Here is how it works in detail (please note: the screenshot might differ slightly from what you will see on your phone or tablet as we keep working on continually improve Bartr Brand App)


Bartr Brand App




Download Bartr Brand App on your smartphone or tablet.

Click install and it gets you to this screen!





Bartr Brand App Registration




Sign up with your Instagram account






Bartr Brand App Shop




Choose a product you like






Bartr Brand App Product
Get more details about the product








Bartr Brand App Bid




Offer your “bid” for the product of your choice






Bartr Brand App Bid Management




Check the status of your bids and order

your approved bids





Bartr Brand App Bid Shipping




Enter your shipping details


Don’t forget to click on “Get the Product” when you’re done šŸ™‚






Bartr Brand App Bid Follow-up



Track the shipping

Create and publish your posts







It’s that simple!


If you have any more general question, please check our FAQsĀ  beforeĀ contacting usĀ .

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