Bartr Brand FAQWelcome to Bartr Brand!

Please browse through our FAQs to find answers to the most common questions.

Bartr Brand’s FAQs are divided into 2 parts, one for the business that upload products and one for the influencers who promote them.

So if you are an influencer, just scroll down till the end of the section catering for business questions.

Questions for Businesses

About registering on Bartr Brand
  • How much does Bartr Brand cost?

    It is FREE! At this stage, the use of Bartr Brand is free for all, businesses only need to ship the products for offers they accepted from the influencer. Shipping costs are covered by the business.

  • How can I register as an influencer with Bartr Brand?

    Go to <a href="http://bartrbrand.com/index.html">bartrbrand.com</a>, scroll down to the register button and chose "I am an influencer" button. Follow instructions from there

  • How can I register as a business with Bartr Brand?

    Go to bartrbrand.com, scroll down to the register button and chose "I am a business" button. Follow instructions from there.

About setting up your Bartr Brand business
  • How do I create my business profile?

    influencer marketing strategy Creating your business profile on Bartr Brand is very simple ­čÖé

    1. Sign in to Bartr Brand:  that will take you to our dashboard.
    2. From there, click on "Brand" in the left column
    3. Fill in the relevant details
    4. Upload your logo

    That's it, you're done!

  • How do I upload products on Bartr Brand?

    influencer marketing strategy

    Not to worry! Nothing easier than uploading your product on Bartr Brand. Just a few clicks and you are done!

    1. Click on "Items" in the lefthand column:  that will take you to this screen.
    2. Click on the "+" button in the bottom right corner

    This will open a new screen


    influencer marketing strategy

    1. Fill in the Product name field
    2. Fill in the Product description field
    3. Upload up to 5 images
    4. Click on "Save"

    That's it, you're done!

  • How does the influencer sees my products on Bartr Brand App?

    Once you have added your item, the influencer will be able to see it on Bartr Brand among other items like this

    influencer marketing strategy
    (Click on the image to enlarge it)
    The influencer is able to select which category is relevant for him or her, and scrolls up and down to access more products from his or her selected category.

About the transaction process
  • What happens when the influencer places an offer?

    Once the influencer places an offer, you receive an email informing you, including the number of posts the influencer is offering.

    On the influencer's side, he will be able to check the status of his offer directly from Bartr Brand's app as shown below (click on the image to enlarge it)
    influencer marketing strategy

    He will be able to see the status of his offer as "pending" until you approve or reject it and that status will be updated as approved or not approved according to your decision.

  • What happens after I approve an offer?

    Once you approve an offer, the influencer will be notified and will have to click on "order" (see image in question above) on the Bartr Brand's app. YOu will then be informed by email, or will be able to check on your dashboard, and will have to ship the product to the influencer within a week.
    After the influencer has received your product, he or she has two weeks to create and publish his first post and is obligated to publish a minimum of one post a week until he reaches the agreed upon number of posts.

  • Can I discuss the terms of the offer with the influencer?

    At this stage, this option is not yet available, but it is high on Bartr Brand's list of priorities.

  • Where can I track the impact of the influencer's posts?

    This feature is currently under development and will be available shortly. For the time being, your best option is to visit the influencer's profile and check how many views and likes the influencer's post about your product has received.

Questions for Influencers

  • Where can I find the app?

    You can download the app from here [Add Link]

  • What are the minimal conditions to register as an influencer?

    In order to be accepted as an influencer on Bartr Brand, you need to have a minimum of 5000 followers on Instagram.

  • What social media or publishing medium are considered by Bartr Brand to evaluate the influencer's reach?

    At this early stage, we are only taking Instagram into account.
    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat as well as blogs will be following soon
    Register now to be informed the moment we add any of them.

  • What is the registration process?

    Please go to our registration tutorial here [add link]

  • Can I cancel after my bid was accepted?

    Once your bid has been accepted, it is not possible to cancel it anymore.
    This is because some brands are accepting bids and shipping them out simultaneously.
    If, however, some unexpected event makes it impossible for you to keep your engagement, please contact us ASAP at reach@bartrbrand.com and we will liaise with the brand to solve the issue.