Sustainable marketing is predominantly organicSustainable marketing is the holy grail of online marketing.

You have your business up and running and need clients? Without clients, your business, no matter how valuable, is unfortunately worthless. So you need sustainable marketing…

Yet, what are the most efficient marketing channels for your business? Your business is unique, and, no matter what you hear, there is no “one size fits all” strategy for marketing. There are general guidelines per field, but, to maximize ROI on your own business these will have to be tweaked.

For businesses with an online presence, online marketing is obviously an option but then again, how to proceed?

Invest in organic growth or into various versions of PPC (Pay Per Click) banners and paying ads or influencers or any other form of immediate form of paid advertising?

One way of looking at it is to look at your business like a floating ball at the bottom of an empty pool, where a percentage of any water added will just pass through or evaporate.

In order for your business to be visible, the pool needs to be filled with water. The highest the level of the water, the more visible your business will be. In sustainable marketing, this water is called exposure. Minimizing the loss of water from flow through or evaporation is called retention.

So, a constant added exposure flow will be necessary to maintain a minimal level of visibility.

Paid traffic is a punctual addition to sustainable marketing, not its baseIn terms of exposure flow, an organic flow is slower to build but remains for an extended period, like pipes of various diameters connected to water sources bring water to the pool. PPC and similar sources of exposure, on the other end, are more like buckets or cisterns of water being dumped in the pool to provide an expensive, artificial and fleeting, but immediate rise of the traffic flow.

Sustainable marketing favors the organic growth of the traffic flow – which means a combination of technical, social and editorial skills that will be covered in subsequent posts– with limited use of paid traffic reserved for periods of droughts.

Of the paid traffic, influencer marketing is actually a hybrid form of marketing, as, unlike the links bought for a defined period of time, promotional posts by influencers are meant to remain online forever, thus bringing continuous, even if dwindling with time, traffic to your site. It is one of most organically compatible paid traffic to achieve sustainable marketing.

Unfortunately, influencers are difficult to fish to catch. Either they are enormous and catchable, but unaffordable, or they are smaller and affordable but difficult to find and properly attract.

This is exactly why Bartr Brand was created. To allow both micro-influencers and small businesses to find their perfect mate fast and with zero effort.

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The platform enables small and medium businesses to upload the products they want to promote with a description of the ideal influencers they are looking for, and influencers can browse comfortably through the products offered to them and call the business. Thus will start thousands upon thousands of beautiful matchmaking that will bring a constant traffic flow to the SMBs and quiet, abundance and peace of mind to the micro-influencers.

The platform is scheduled for a global launch in October 2017. Sign up now, sit back and relax, we’ll be there in time for the pre-Christmas days

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